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Dr. Kollár Coaching
counseling, therapy, mediation, coaching
education, training, postgraduate courses




"Looking over your training programme I became convinced of its utility and relevance."

Dr. Orsolya Hoffman
Director of Kodolányi János University, professor

"the professional references are excellent, as I suppose is your teaching... I will be following your results and development with close attention as I consider what you are doing to be of real value.

Nóra Szuhai, coach


Level I.
LIFE Consulting
personal and interpersonal crises management
advice on interpersonal relationships, personal crisis, divorce, couple therapy, training in personal development

Level II.
Management Executive decision
management consultancy, support in career , teambuilding, development of management skills

Level III.
Information society experting
trainer and supervisor

phd Dr. József Kollár
master senior trainer
Professor -Universitate PPK, Life and Business Coach: Personal consulting, Executive coaching, Information society experting Mediator)  

Kriszti Déri Dr. Kollárné
senior trainer
(Economist, Life and Business Coach: Personal consulting, Executive coaching, Information society experting, Mediator)

What are we offering?

"  Marketable training, knowledge, skills and competence which can be changed into money on the labour market

"  Knowledge, tangible methodology tried and successfully applied in our private practice

"  Unique and effective teaching methods by university professors (lecturers), and experienced practising coaches

"  Online and downloadable teaching materials (lecture slides, exercises, up-to-the minute assignments)

"  Continuous personalized mentoring support and tutoring to ensure individual's progress during their study

"  Fellowship with the professional and student members of the Hungarian Coach Association


Who are we offering this course to?

"  We recommend our postgraduate training to those who wish to make their living as coaches, or to whom it is just important to improve the quality of their professional or private life. We recommend it also to those who direct or intend to direct counselling organizations, to those who practice, or wish to practice as consultants, advisors or trainers.

"  Our training provides perspectives for those who would like to make their firm or organisation more successful, or who are looking for new career opportunities, or are ready to retrain for a new profession.


Summary of our approacg/method

Why other coaching-methods (such as solution-based coaching) are not effective?

The following quasi definition (which can be considered as an accepted coach-definition) can be read on the website of the Hungarian coach companies:

"Coaching is not concerned with the problem. Its questions apply exclusively to the future and the solution. >What do you want to achieve?< >What can you do differently (better) in the future?<"

The stated aim is to concentrate on the desired end result, instead of analysis and diagnosis. Unfortunately the coachee (the very person or organisation which is requiring the counselling) is lacking precisely the specific idea of what the desirable future for him might be, how to visualise in the detail, how to plan it element by element because his lack of skills in handling the crisis and his conceptual limitations prevent him from establishing the desired future.

If he were already capable of that, he would not be asking for help and coaching.

The bigger the necessary changes, the more difficult it is to cope with the unpredictability of all conceptually radical innovations.

Why the so called ontological coaching developed by us works?

While we accept the premises of the solution-based coaching, which predicates progression from the problem level to the solution level, we do not believe the formulation of the future can be left to chance. With our method the coach and the coachee work within a heuristic explorer system, whose built-in meta-heuristic analyses continuously evaluate concepts (describing the desired future) which will work and which will not. The latter to be changed jointly, the former ones we continue to improve.

Through heuristics we create micro-worlds which have clear input and output, are transparent, and reveal so-called "weak ontology" which can be overcome. Weak ontology gives us a way to liberate the coachee from concepts and conceptual metaphors (invisible to himself) which he cannot distance himself from (such as remorse generators and self-defence mechanisms) and which are programming his behaviour adversely. During the coaching - introducing new conceptual metaphors and NLP techniques among others - the jointly generated ontologies work as models, which serve in the construction, adoption and comfort within the desired new worlds as well as their further development.

The aim is to transform the coachee into a holonic system, which is characterized by two basic features: endeavour for independence and inclination for cooperation. If cooperation is required in the course of his independent problem solving he is able to be creative, while he remains a self-governing decision-making person.

Our method is built on the recognition (coming from the cognitive sciences of our age, which is not properly respected by other coaching methods) which is referred to as embodied mind. In the theories about embodiment of the mind there is a common element which says that man and the world, the body and the mind form an inseparable whole. The consequence of this is that the border between the mind and the external world grows blurred, the mind flows over the brain (extended mind), meaning that man cannot be modelled without the world in which he lives. That is why we place such importance on ontologies in forming a vision of future.

The Massachusetts method, developed by us integrates diverse ways and means such as mediation, mentalization techniques, resilience awareness, projection and foresight.

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"Coaching a 21. században."

HR Portál

"Az ELTE Társadalom- és Szervezetpszichológia Karán végzett 2011. évi felmérés szerint a magyarországi legismertebb és legnevesebb 60 coach közül 8 a Dr. Kollár Coaching Iskolacsoportból került ki. Ezt az átütő eredményt egyetlen másik iskola sem tudta elérni."
"A képzésük programját áttanulmányoztam, hasznosságáról és tartalmi relevanciájáról meg vagyok győződve."

Dr. Hoffmann Orsolya
Kodolányi János Főiskola intézetigazgató, főiskolai tanár

"A szakmai minősítéseik is kiválóak. Feltételezésem szerint az intézményben folyó oktatás nemkülönben... biztosíthatom arról, hogy nyomon követem eredményeiket, és fejlődésüket, mert minden tekintetben értéknek tartom azt, amit alkotnak."

Szuhai Nóra Coach


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